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Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Wedges

Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Wedges

Cleveland Smart Sole 4.0 Wedges

These fantastic Cleveland wedges have a three tiered sole and an added bounce on the leading edge to ensure excellent turf contact. The center of gravity is very central to give you more consistent shots. The clubface has aggressive milled grooves to give you more spin. There are three wedges in the Smart-Sole range, including a G model that can be used with a full swing.

  • The Smart-Sole 4.0 wedges have an extra wide three-tiered sole with and an added leading edge bounce, so you’ll have no trouble escaping bunkers or rough grass
  • The center of gravity has been moved closer to the middle of the clubface, giving your shots more consistency
  • New aggressive milled grooves on the clubface generate better spin for a fantastic performance in any conditions
  • The addition of the G model provides full-shot capability, giving you additional versatility alongside the S and C models
  • C model - 42° loft available in RH/LH, G model - 50° loft available in RH/LH, S model - 58° loft available in RH/LH

"If you find you struggle around the greens. These Cleveland wedges are an excellent choice to help you build up your confidence."

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